#MusicReview: ‘Mma Mma’ by Zeal || Are you an RNB Buff?



Put your hope in God


‘Mma Mma’ by Zeal is an RNB piece that celebrates Psalm 121,  where you focus on lifting your eyes onto the Lord who is your help. This song rings true to me because God is the only one that has my back 100%. I dare not trust in myself or others, as those may fail some of the time.

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Zeal is pure RNB on this simple rendition on B flat, reminding me of Samsong. The intro, like wine pouring  into a glass, coupled with an amazing beat makes the song pop.

I like how the back ups follow him on the line ‘And I know it’s you’ up to ‘Seeing me through’.


This  is an anthem of grace,  recognising the fact that God indeed causes everything in our lives work out for our good. God leads us and guides us. And really, nothing is impossible for us because of Him.

This song does not make light of the fact that angels are at our disposal, helping us fulfil any assignment we have. We must thus line up our confessions with this knowledge.

Everyday it’s almost like a new side of God is revealed to me and it’s one more reason to be happy.

We should never forget the importance of Gospel music because it reminds us about the awesomeness of our God, it’s an opportunity to reaffirm our inheritance in Christ and it’s great practice for heaven:)

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Check this song out here and tell me all your feels.

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