#EmphaticMusings: Prophetiquette, The Series: Episode 5 The Prophetic Hazard

How long do you let things cook before you unleash?

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There is a seeming ‘hazard’ to the prophetic gift. The hazard is for you to preempt things you see in the spirit without allowing them cook properly. Have you ever tasted half cooked Spaghetti or a half baked cake?

Sometimes, you need to simmer down…

Waiting on the Lord is very important, and that is why you pair your prophetic gift with patience. If you rush into what you see in the spirit without getting a full picture or clearance from God, you could ruin God’s plan for your life. Actually, you cannot ruin God’s plan for your life, but you could cause a delay or a re-routing. A case in point was with Abraham and Sarah trying to birth the promise of a child through Ishmael.

Now, when that happens, God will still make it work out for your good. But really, wouldn’t you like to get to your destination faster, without the detour?

Also, do not let well meaning people try to rush God’s plan. This is a bad idea, especially because you would be left to carry the cross on your own, if a problem arises.

Prophecy or etiquette

There is nothing wrong with retreating if you feel you are not ready to unleash certain projects that God has handed over to you in confidence. You are required to wait on the Lord for  full persuasion and a go ahead about his assignments for you.

Check out Obiwon and Glowreeyah Braimah’s prophetic song, ‘Surge’ and give me your feels in the comment section.

And trust me, God could be as detailed as the book of Leviticus in every aspect of your life.

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