#Prophetiquette: #Event: Highlights from the Lagos Prophetic Conference

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Hey guys!

I spent the 11th and 12th of August at an event I have not recovered from! The Lagos Prophetic Conference was more than amazing, honestly!

There was amazing worship, accuracy in word of knowledge and prophecies, prophetic healings and an amazing release of spiritual mantles. It was prophecy like never before. God is raising an army of prophets who will bring His word to every industry in Nigeria, the nation as a whole and the church.

There were different dimensions to this conference brought through the different speakers, and God came with gifts to every one of his children. Every single one of the pastors released something amazing into the congregation.


The ministry of Apostle Tomi Arayomi consisted of prophetic teachings, juxtaposed with prophetic exercises and astounding accuracy in the prophetic/word of knowledge.

He explained that prophecy/the prophetic is the very foundation of the church, not an add on to a church programme. Thus, churches need to be built on apostolic and prophetic truths. This may have fallen away in the past but God is bringing it back. I believe that the impending revival on God’s agenda is to restore the prophetic to its rightful place in the church.

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Apostle Tomi mentioned that prophecy is our spiritual inheritance as christians, with its 3 forms, being: the office of the prophet, the spirit of prophecy and the gift of prophecy. He understood exactly the four (4) prophetic turnings in a generation, which occur every 20 years. These turnings are as follows: a high, an awakening, an unravelling and a crisis. He stressed the importance of building churches generationally, and equipping leaders with tools for their own generation.

Guess what turning we are in Lagos right now. Listen to the Lagos Prophetic Conference messages here:)

He also mentioned that God will speak to you only about what you care about. So you need to search out what He cares about, so He can speak to you about them.  He stated that we have to contend with the word we receive and weigh it, stressing the importance of discretion and wisdom when it comes to prophecies.

He also talked about the fact that God’s voice is discerned and not heard. He mentioned that one way to properly discern God’s voice is prolonged fasting and prayer. One part of the teaching was the Sunday Teaching, where Apostle Tomi Arayomi talked about discerning and how Jesus fasted 40 days and nights to discern God’s voice. In that fast, when the devil came to him with the 3 temptations, he didn’t appear as a snake because that would have been too obvious, but brought those thoughts to him as his own thoughts (cunningly like a snake). Because obviously if a snake appeared to you, you wouldn’t fall for the temptation. He thus explained that in fasting you sharpen your discernment.

He also stated strenuously that we are called to serve people.

He taught us about the 4 markers of the seasoning of a prophet. To know these 4 markers, listen to the Lagos Prophetic Conference messages here:)

He explained that your revelation should make you more like Christ, and that revelation is different from instruction. As you grow in your prophetic calling, you get instructions and get promoted based on whether you follow those instructions.

Tomi Arayomi stressed on the importance of a prophet to the nation, which is  God’s plan, as well as the plan for prophets in every industry. Now, this is not mystical or anything, but is basically about being a pioneer in your industry and being the harbinger of change and development. This means you are not waiting for the government to do something to make your industry better, but you are hearing God’s plan in the place of prayer and prophecy and you are effecting it. Almost like you’re the Chief Executive Officer of your industry.

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He also mentioned that when God pours out his spirit on us, we indeed prophesy. Thus prophecies are not merely for special occasions. The church is built on the foundation of apostles and prophets.

A key person that was prophesied long before he came was Jesus. Right from the garden of Eden, God began to prophesy about the coming of the Messiah. This shows that this is the way of a Christian. You are to see things before they happen and to be the harbinger of the changes in the eras and in  different industries.


From Pastor Chingtok, I got amazing insight into the word of God, as regards how Moses wrote the first books of the bible. Apparently, he received inspiration for that when God showed him his shadow.

Chingtok Ishaku explained the difference between the anointing and the prophetic: the prophetic launches you, while the anointing gives you ease. He also elucidated on the importance of  getting to the point where we don’t just stumble into the will of God, but we are there from the beginning because we are constantly connected.

He said something I totally connected to: when you are at a preaching and something resonates with you, don’t wait to pray later. Pray as you are listening to the preaching.


From Pastor Isi, I felt her encouraging spirit from the moment she started speaking. And every impartation she left on every member of the congregation felt like she understood what everyone was going through and I was really touched.


Pastor Imisi Owolabi was such a firebrand. Her words  when she led a prayer session hit me square in the gut. Her understanding of God’s idiosyncrasies were so cool, and she has this amazing sense of humour. And I loved her infusion of stories from God’s Generals.

She also mentioned that at the conference God was set to do 4 things: encourage, inspire afresh, activate and ignite. As regards igniting us, God ignited us such that we would burn as a wild fire, to enable us steward and fulfil the calling upon our lives.

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