#ThrowbackThursday: ‘Koma Si’ by Lara George || What’s Your Favourite Lara George Song?


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The year was 2008, when Lara George’s first album, ‘Forever in my Heart‘ came out and I was totally enraptured. It was my album of the moment, I knew all the songs on the album from beginning to end. I think she came for The Experience 2009 and of course she sang ‘Koma Si’, making her performance one of my many highlights of the night. I was browsing through my music player and I listened to this song and memories came flooding back.


Sung on G Major, of course Lara George mesmerises us with her high and soronous voice and a delicious South African vibe in the soundtrack, serenading us on how no one is like God, the Ancient of Days, the one with whom there is no fear. I love the sounds of the oboe as well as the digital base following Lara’s verses. I like the ahs of the back ups, their stoic chant of the line, ‘Higher higher’ and the rich yoruba heritage of this track. Even over 8 years after, this song still gives me dopamine! Every time I hear the intro to this track now, I sense its ‘kinnishness’ to Mairo Ese’s ‘You Are The Reason’.

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This is one of my favourite songs that celebrates the love of my life, God. There’s something about knowing someone you love. You begin to speak about their idiosyncrasies and the awesome things they do that make your head swell. I feel like God is tickled when He hears us sing about his coolness. And when you read the Book of Revelation, you realise that being in awe of God will never end. We go deeper into him and find more things that make us gush about our God. And no, it’s not boring; it’s not repetitive. It is refreshing and makes us ready to take on any challenge that comes our way.

Truly, there’s nothing cooler than the person of God. No one else can make my head swell the way He does:)

Refresh your spirit with this knowledge; listen to ‘Koma Si’ one more time:)


Bt-dubs, what is your favourite Lara George song?

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