#Event: Hellurr Lavish at Petra CC || Democracy Day Bants

Petra Christian Centre



I spent the evening of Democracy day basking in the vanilla presence of God, and I was incredibly touched today, more than my soul would ever know. When we worship we have a taste of heaven, and cour Tribe Petra Worship and Rhythms & Rhapsody led us right to it. Worship and our prayer are an incense before God, and is definitely a time for super refreshing. You just get a dopamine charge for the rest of the week!



As Layo led ‘Reckless Love’ by Cory Ashbury,  it occurred to me as  it did some days before, that God wasted no time in planning our redemption, even from the garden of Eden, lending more evidence to his reckless love. My other favourite worship pieces led that evening was Gerald’s rendition of Travis Greene’s ‘Made A Way’, Titi’s rendition of Chris Tomlin’s ‘Good Good Father’ and her own original song ‘You’re My Father, Oge’s rendition of Nathaniel Bassey’s ‘This God is Too Good’. The climax of the night emerged when Titi led Hillsong’s ‘So Will I (100 Billlion X)’ with a steady gush of authority, reminiscent of Pastor Ibk’s ministry vibe at RCCG Jesus House Brent Cross!

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Another highlight was when the elegant Funmi Adeniyi, wife of the resident pastor led the prayer for Nigeria, starting with spontaneous worship and a marvelous prayer growl .


It was quite a lovely evening with people receiving specific words from God.


Next time you’re in town, better check Petra CC:)

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