#CoverStory: Grammy Nominee, Stellar Award Winner and Prophetic Inspiration, Jekalyn Carr Shares Nuggets of Wisdom!

‘I officially began ministering through song at the age of 5, and speaking/preaching at the age of 13. I think what played a huge part in me being who I am today is that even though we did go to church, every bible study, revival, and Sunday morning service, lol, my parents taught us that we have to have a RELATIONSHIP with God because no one can have that for me, that’s something I need for myself in order for me to be effective at what I do. Also, it’s just good to have a relationship with God anyway. They also taught me at a very young age that having substance, which is the word of God,  gives you longevity. I have a passion for what I do and I take my purpose and assignment very seriously.’
On her musical influences, Jekalyn succintly says,
‘For me, it has always been the legends. People like Pastor Shirley Caesar, Pastor Donnie McClurkin, The Winans, Donald Lawrence and etc.’
I ask what measures Jekalyn takes to ensure that she grows in the call of God upon her life, and she simply puts it like this,
‘I make sure that I stay connected to God and stay disconnected from anything that could delay or stop my growth.’

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Jekalyn’s ministry expressions are dynamic, as she has had different live recordings such as ‘One Nation under God’,  and published an amazing book titled, ‘You Will Win’. I ask curiously if  there any limitations to the things a prophet cannot venture into. Jekalyn carefully explains,
‘Well, there are  many people who have been blessed with multiple gifts to be able to prosper many areas. It’s just all about seeking God for direction on how to go about doing it because you don’t want to make the wrong move that’ll interfere with who you are, your name and your character.  As a Christian you want to show a positive example that you can be successful without compromising your relationship with God.’
With such a demanding call on her life, I ask Jekalyn how she balanced ministry, family and spending personal time with herself and God, and she states,
‘When you have a  busy life, such as myself, prioritizing is key. You basically have to make/create time for whatever you want to make happen. Considering that I travel a lot, I love relaxation, going to the spa, watching a good movie, sleeping lol, and love hanging out with my family as well.’
On where Jekalyn sees herself in the next 10 years, she muses,
‘I see myself being successful in a few more areas that are actually in the works now. I see myself married with a family, I see myself making an even greater impact on people all across the world through my music and speaking.’
On her song of the moment, Carr says excitedly,
‘My song right now is “Stay With Me” by myself, Jekalyn Carr. It’s from my One Nation Under God’ album.
Jekalyn has definitely received a lot of acclaim and respect, given how young she is in successfully undertaking and fulfilling ministry. I ask if   there were any setbacks to starting ministry so early and  what lessons she has learnt. She elucidates,
‘Well, at the beginning of it all there were people saying that I was too young or I shouldn’t be as far in life as I am right now, but God had to remind me to stay focused on what He has spoken over me, because there’s no start or finish age as to when you can be  successful. When God’s hands are upon you if you allow him to, He’ll prosper you’
On the place of listening for the direction of the Holy Spirit, Jekalyn explains its supreme importance, stating that,
‘Everything that has happened in my life is a result of us being obedient to the voice of God. Sometimes we did not and don’t understand why God says what he says, but even in that we’ve learned how to trust His voice and never questioned Him because we know He holds the master plan!’
I ask curiously as to Jekalyn Carr’s vocal regimen to ensure your vocal chords stay healthy and perform at their optimum, and she says,
‘I make sure I get plenty of rest and stay hydrated with water as well.’
Finally, I ask her for for aspiring singing ministers, and she advises,
‘You must remember that within this day and age there’s a lot of distractions around us, whether it be on television, social media, tabloids, radio and etc. But don’t allow it to take your focus/attention away from YOUR assignment/purpose. Sometimes it helps if you take a break from everything else that takes up most of your time that’s not causing you to grow in life, so that you can get back on track towards your destiny. The enemy takes pleasure in not seeing you being productive. Activate your gifts, work on your dreams and goals, strive everyday to do SOMETHING that is geared towards your purpose. It takes consistency and persistence to be successful and after you believe, it starts by you directing your focus towards what really matters. Be confident in your lane(what God has called you to do) and celebrate others!’

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