#EmphaticMusings: Prophetiquette The Series, Episode 2 || Be Gracious

EtiquetteThere are times when a prophecy has gone ahead of or through you, but things look contrary and tongues begin to wag. This is often because people do not even know a prophecy has gone ahead of you or they know, but are unable to recognise its jigsaw puzzle fulfilment stage. In this season, it becomes very easy to
get offended when people become mean and stuff. But if you do, you open up the door for the
devil to attack. Case in point is how John the Baptist got beheaded because he got offended at Jesus
(story for another day). But if you channel all the aggression and frustration you feel into love, you
would heap coals on your offenders͛ heads, and they might be sorrier when the prophecy becomes fulfilled. Or they might not; it doesn’t really matter. Lol.

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Jesus͛’s life was professed as far back as even King David’s time (Isaiah 53). Now imagine what would have happened if he allowed annoying little Israelites screaming , ͚’Crucify him͛’ get into his subconscious.
If he were born today, he would have gotten angry, sworn at them and thrown a rant or composed a

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But that would have gone against his purpose. He was to be a perfect sacrifice for the cross. So, Isaiah 53: 7 predicts that ͚He was oppressed and afflicted, yet he did not open his mouth͛. This is to be our posture.

No one fully understood what Jesus was really coming to do. Everyone had an idea, but they didn͛’t have a full picture. But this was a good thing, because in the end, the devil would not be able to stop him. 1 Corinthians 2:9 says, ͚None of the rulers of this age understood it, for if they had, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.͛ Who would have guessed that Jesus was coming to die? The funny thing was that even his death was prophesied in the same Isaiah 53, but I guess it was sort
of hidden for the people of that ͚’present͛’. Lol. Plus the devil tried to kill him as a child using Herod,
but duh, that was too early. Hehe.

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There are so many lessons for this episode. But the main one is this: Do not take offence because
people do not understand. Do not react in frustration. A lot of the time, certain things about your
purpose are to be kept hidden, so respond in love. Also, it doesn͛’t matter how many people seem
to get away with not responding in love when they are offended. Just do you:)

Everyone has their journey, and the bottom line is to encourage yourself to continue to walk in love even if you have not consistently done so in the past.

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Your prophecy is one of a mystery that has been hidden and destined for your glory. It cannot afford to be tainted with offence.

Be gracious:)

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