#EmphaticMusings: Prophetiquette, The Series || Episode 1 ‘Simmer Down’

Prophet Etiquette

There’s something so electric, soo electric about getting an amazing revelation from God. You feel incredibly special, and you can’t wait to share it.

But God is saying ‘Simmer down, lady’. You know in part, you prophesy in part. Wait to get the whole picture. Getting the rev is just one part of it. It’s just one benefit of being a Citizen of Heaven. Simmer down and hear the rest. God wants to reveal His Manifold Wisdom through you. You are the Church. He wants to reveal a complete picture to you. So let him do so at his own time. Simmer down, lady; you don’t want your picture to be incomplete before it is revealed.

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Simmer down and enjoy the revelation privately for a season. I know you feel like you are going to burst, but you can handle it:)

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Let us, like Mary, hide and treasure the words we have received from God in our hearts until He instructs us otherwise.

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