#MusicReview: ‘Touch The Sky’ By Hillsong United || Lead Vocals by Taya Smith


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Still in the spirit of soaring in the new year, enjoy this acoustic ballad by Hillsong United laced with Taya Smith’s mellifluous vocals. Played on the key of A major, Taya explains how our spirits soar when we are on our knees.

It comes with a surrender of our lives to God. It’s really not about your plans for your life, but His plans. In prayer, we continually surrender to His will and give in to the ecstasy of His love.

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There’s really nothing more exhilarating than the love of God. It keeps us refreshed. In addition, there’s actually nothing more satisying and fulfiling than surrendering to His will and plans for you. Your journey with God is the best adventure of your life!

What is keeping you from totally surrendering to God’s love?

Taya Smith

Image Credit: Hillsong

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The continuous acoustic melody is delicious to my ears, and reminding  me of how I feel when I’m gobbling down yummy indomie noodles laced with an overdose of crayfish powder?. The male background vocals are also a pleasant addition to the aesthetic of this piece.

The recurring guitar melody reminds me of a river, reverberating unto eternity, which is a testament to the unending love of God. I love how Taya slurs the word ‘touch’ when she sings ‘I touch the sky when my knees hit the ground’, in proper r&b style, and her vocals take on a more dramatic quality as the song climaxes.

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Hillsong United

Image Credit: Hillsong


The lyrics of this piece are laced with a gentle imagery of God taking the first step to restore us to him that we may delight in his presence and receive everything we need.

Everything has been made ready for us in His presence

What are we waiting for?


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