#Discourse: How To Make Effective Use of a Fast


Fasting is one of the most beautiful exercises of the christian life because it makes your spiritual senses razor sharp, you begin to see things and everything begins to connect. But it is also possible that none of these happens and you basically just went on a hunger strike. And really there’s nothing more sad or pathetic than that: going hungry for no reason.


The most important thing that you want to receive from a fast is a word over a situation. Usually when I fast, I want a solution or an idea or general clarity over an issue I’m facing. There are several things that help me, but the one thing that helps me the most is having a collection of scriptures I meditate over.

Usually, even one scripture is enough and it is indeed possible to meditate over this scripture for a whole day and have a river flow through you based on that scripture.

But of course, it didn’t start out for me that way, and I’m not sure I have gotten there. So I use my collection of scriptures?

I usually start out with scriptures relating to direction or the leading of the spirit. As I confess these scriptures, some register more than others and I confess those ones harder and pray in the spirit over them till I get a release.

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Now, it’s possible to get a word, which you might have to dissect all over again, or find more scriptures to explain it to you. You might even have to take another fast to get more clarity on this new word you have received.


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A second thing I do, or have been doing recently is to play a song relating to joy and to say joy confessions during the fast. This is because you can only receive from God in an atmosphere of joy. Singing worship songs is also very important because they tune your emotions aright and this makes your confessions more effective. Also, in the atmosphere of worship, you are to say those scriptures you are sure you’ve received from God already to quicken their manifestation.

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A third thing I do, and this has come with practice, is that I do not do the quintessential 12am to 6pm fast. I realise that the duration doesn’t determine how effective the fast is (It could, though, but that’s probably another topic). What counts is how well you tune in with God and how much you receive from him. Now this is governed by how much you pray during the fast. Also, this time does not necessarily work for everyone. In addition, you don’t have to do a completely dry fast. You could do a liquid fast or a fruit fast. So, it’s important to work with the Holy Spirit to determine what kind of fast works best for you, so you don’t pass out before you get a chance to pray.lol.

What is the most important thing in a fast to you?

What songs of joy do you remember?

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