#MusicReview: My Favourite Tracks from Meredith Andrews Right About Now || What’s Your Favourite Meredith Andrews Track?

Meredith andrews youtubeOne thing I absolutely love about Meredith Andrews is that she shows vulnerability. Her lyrics always show a total reliance on God, with none on herself. God’s strength is made perfect in our weaknesses, and I love how Meredith’s songs showcase that!

I have few of her tracks from the ‘Deeper’ album as my current favourites right now!

What songs are you vibing to right now?


‘I Look To The King’ by Meredith Andrews

The intro to this song on E flat starts soft on the piano, going doh doh te te so so la la reminding me of John Legend’s ‘You and I’. Her soft and honest lyrics follow, and the digital beat comes in at the chorus, with the electric guitar and drums, and the do so te te, so so la la phrase recurring throughout the song.

This song’s message is simple, with Meredith looking to God as her source alone, and this ends up in her being victorious.

The bridge chimes this louder with the melody of the piano becoming more complicated and the choir crescending with her.

This song ends on the musical phrase on which it starts.


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‘Trusted’ by Meredith Andrews
The intro to this song reminds me of a techno beat and it tackles a theme I find fascinating: trust. You honestly may not know how much you trust God until you find yourself in a tight corner with no choice but to trust him or to find another alternative.

Meredith always sings like she is talking to her father whom she knows incredibly well. I love how she says ‘It’s just like you to do what you say, what you say you’ll do’ on this rock number.

I think trust is an essential element of walking in faith. And since the faith walk is a lifelong affair, I reckon we’ll be tested pretty often.

How is your faith walk?
Enjoy this piece and ponder upon it.

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Meredith Andrews youtube

‘Spirit of The Living God’ by Meredith Andrews

Now this is a classic piece I cannot get enough of. It talks about what the presence of God does to us. When He blesses us with His presence, it changes us. We are healed and refreshed! When He speaks to us, He encourages, inspires and motivates. God’s presence is truly the best.

This song starts piano on D Major, with Meredith inviting the Spirit of God to take over. I love how she says ‘we are hanging on every word’ that God says. Honestly, God’s word is life, and the tool He uses to create things. So we should definitely position ourselves to hear from Him at all times.

Can you tell when God’s presence fills the room?

My best part of this song is the repeat of the chorus after the bridge, where Meredith matches pitch with the choir. I think that part is glorious, with the piano playing incredibly beautiful mid range notes. Another highlight is that the instrumental accompaniment to the bridge reminds me of the chord progression of Andrews’ ‘Not For A Moment’ at the bridge.

Another important element of being filled with the presence of God is for us to be willing for God to have His way in our lives.

How surrendered do you think you are to God?

What is your favourite Meredith Andrews’ song?


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