#SongOfTheMoment #MusicReview: ‘Open Heaven/ River Wild’ by Hillsong

Hillsong United mp3

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Whenever I hear this C major delivered anthem with its recurring intro, I feel like its raining. And it reminds me of rock music, which I love. The drums come alive, thirsty.

I find the melody of this song problematic, I won’t lie. But it’s still my song of the moment.

For some reason I feel the line ‘revelations of your love’ in the second verse is a bit too complex for the accompanying tune. But the irony actually is that such knowledge, like David says, is too wonderful for us to comprehend.

My favourite part of this song is ‘Oh Holy Spirit, burn like a fire, all consuming, consume me…here in your presence, Lord I surrender. To your glory, for your glory.’


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I’m very very interested in reflecting the glory of God in my life, and for that to happen, I have to be totally consumed. It’s really not about us, but about God and how he’s set to move in our lives, and channel living waters through us. The presence of God is truly, truly beautiful and I can’t get enough.

The Bible says ‘Be continually filled with the Spirit’. Now what are we doing about that?

Hillsong United mp3

Image Credit: @hillsonglondon




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