#TheFestivalDiaries|| Sounds of Petra Extended Play!

Sounds of Petra The Extended Play


Hellurr guys!

If you attend Petra Christian Centre or you attended the first edition of The Festival, you’d know that our songs are super unique and filled with the power of the spirit.

As part of the Festival, there will be a release of an Extended Play by Tribe Petra, titled ‘Sounds of Petra’, showcasing underground legends, Titi Victoria, IBK, Oge and Ayo Jezreel, who have been featured on this blog here, here and here.

We indeed have a fountain of music in our midst, and many songs in the works apart from the 8 songs scheduled to be on this EP.

The funny thing is my favourite song isn’t even on the EP, but it will be performed live at the Festival on Saturday!!!

‘We Receive The Rain’ by Ayo Jezreel is an amazing song that talks about the wonderful things that come with the rain of the spirit including healing, signs and wonders.


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It’s actually already my favourite Petra song right now. Considering the fact that this EP will be released on Saturday, the proper reviews for the songs will probably come later. But right now I’ll be sharing my musings on the songs I enjoy and so forth.

Ayo’s song brings so many things to mind. The two lines that excite me a great deal are:

The wilderness will become a display of your glory
And the dead come to life by your power.

That first line is from Isaiah 35:2 and it just seems to me that Nigeria is bursting into bloom. Her coming out party is right about now and her glory is gonna be everywhere.

As regards the second line, I feel like God is itching to be raised at this edition, and I’m super stoked!

In my mind I have resolved to grab any dead body I see on any road and haul it to the festival grounds. If possible, I plan hide it in my bag, push it past customs -lol-and see the glory of the Lord displayed. But these days have been super busy, so it is highly unlikely that I’ll do that-lol.

So if anybody has any dead body they don’t mind hauling to the festival grounds to be raised, please come???


No jokes

Bt-dubs: Ayo Jezreel’s song hasn’t been recorded yet, but it’s lyrics are super powerful.

See below

We Receive The Rain – Ayo Jezreel

Verse 1

The Promise Of God
Given To Us
An Emblem Of Love

The Seal Of Redemption
Purchased Of God
Bought By His Blood

The Dawn In Our Heart
Lighting Our Lives

Holy Spirit
A Gift Of The Lord
Poured Out For Us


Our Hearts Respond
Our Faith Is High
Signs Are Revealed
In The Skies
Thunder Is Heard
The Clouds Arise
You Are Here

We Receive The Latter Rain
You Are Moving In This Place
Eyes Will See Ears Will Hear
Of Your Wonder
The Wilderness Will Become
A Display Of Your Glory
And The Dead Come To Life
By Your Power

Verse 2

These Are The Days
Once Foretold
Of Overflow

Your Glory Shown
Your Presence Known
Your Children Bold

The World Awaits
Your Power In Us
Stirring Us Up

And We See
Revival For All
The Spirit Has Come

Like The Sound Of Many Waters
You Come Rushing In
Miracles And Wonders
Jesus Revealed
Beauty For Ashes
Darkness To Light
You Are Here

When You Walk Into The Room
You Make All Things New
Chains Are Broken
Mountains Removed
Mighty To Save
Spirit Of God
You Are Here



Bt-dubs: Would you rather say EP or Extended Play?

I prefer to say ‘Extended Play’ because I think it sounds more sophisticated?

Let me have your random thoughts…lol


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