#TheFestivalDiaries: Pre Fast Bants | The Festival 2.0, 26th August, 2017

The Festival 2.0 Petra Christian Centre Landmark Event Centre



I want to tell y’all about The Festival 2.0, which is a charismatic revival meeting holding on the 26th of August and its theme is ‘The Supply of The Spirit’.

We had an earlier edition on the 14th of April this year, with superb original songs from our Tribe Petra music team, a palpable presence of God and His yummy word,  and of course, several healings: from cancers, back pains, eye defects and so forth.

You should know by now that a miracle packed meeting comes only by prayer and fasting?

In this series, I’ll be sharing how my daily devotions go, fasting and praying tips and anything I feel ‘allowed’ to share sha…

This  series covers spirituality but it’s not exactly about music, but music might be involved some of the time. It’s mostly about fasting…and praying

I might be tottering between my two blogs because I’m not sure where to place this new series. This is what I call ‘Branding Issues’…lol, but I’ll figure it out?

So anyway, fasting for The Festival starts tomorrow and I’m excited because I was so energised at the last fast. Honestly, as the fast went on, I felt stronger and more in tune. I could see miracles happening and stuff. In times past, I was usually in a hurry for 6pm to come so I’d break the fast, but it’s really not about the time you break, but about the amount of word you have received. And the more you fast, the more clarity you get.

I didn’t go for the daily prayer meetings in church, but I was praying up a storm on my own?

I’m not 100% clear on my super specific expectations for this second edition, but I’m sure that as the fast goes on, I believe I’ll see things.

But some random things come to mind though. Like when I pray, I get the urge to hoard the scriptures or words I hear from God, because it seems more precious, like a treasure and I just have this random idea that if someone saw the word, they’d take my inheritance or maybe actualise an idea faster…loooool. How true is that?

What are your expectations for The Festival 2.0 anybody?

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Bt dubs: I usually do my morning devotions with Hillsong’s ‘As It is (In Heaven)’. What’s your worship #SongOfTheMoment?


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