#CoverStoryMonday #NewbieZone: Say Hellurr to Neon Adejo!



Neon Adejo, House On The Rock, Eric Arubayi, Onos Ariyo

Gospel music keeps growing everyday with spiritually inspired artistes moving in on the scene. It’s no surprise that Emphatic Dynamo is in the business of promoting the best christian talent obtainable. New on the scene is Neon Adejo, who is really no newbie in the real sense, having sung alongside and recorded songs with gospel names like Lauretta Cookey, Onos Ariyo and the late Eric Arubayi. With his Mali Music-esque vocals, Neon is definitely on course for musical success.


Emphatic dynamo caught up with him and he had plenty to say!

1. Who is Neon Adejo?

Neon: Neon Adejo is a singer, songwriter, vocal coach, gospel recording artist, a graduate of Kogi State University, department of international relations and the CEO of Black Century Music Global, a foremost record label.

2. Who are your musical influences

Neon: Some of my musical influences are, Sammie Okposo, Mali Music, Timi Dakolo, Todd Galberth, Chandler Moore, Travis Greene and Leon Timbo.

3. Tell me about your relationship with God and how you decided to foster ministry music fulltime


Neon: My relationship with God has been like a father and a son relationship, if you understand what l mean.

I knew I was going to pursue music fulltime from when I discovered music was more than just singing for me. Pursuing music full time has been a bitter sweet experience for me, most especially at this point in my life where the expectations around me are so high lol. But we’ve decided never to back down but to stay focused on the prize ahead.

4. How did you foster your passion for music

Neon: Commitment and tenacity over the years. I joined a group of singers way back in my first church , Assemblies of God church, where it all began I after converted from a Islam to Christianity. And later on I joined the church choir. And my love for music increased immensely. This led me to purchasing christian CDs from Hillsong, artistes like Donnie McClurkin, Chris Brown, Usher, Don Moen and others. Gradually, I started learning the art of singing and performing till I decided to pursue it as a career for me.

Neon Adejo, House On The Rock, Eric Arubayi, Onos Ariyo

5. I see you have collaborated with a couple of seasoned gospel musicians like Onos, Lauretta Cookey and the late Eric Arubayi. What made you decide to work with them

Neon: There’s this unfathomable mind connection I have with each of them musically….. They are extremely creative.

6. Tell me the challenges you faced coming into music full time and 5 unusual things you have done to foster your music hustle

Neon: Sponsorship. And 5 unusual things are

I. I sold my laptop to record my first song
II. Have used my school fees too
III.  Talk about sleepless night and all.

IV. Sleeping from one studio to the other

V. A lot I don’t really remember.

Neon Adejo, House On The Rock, Eric Arubayi, Onos Ariyo


7. What would you say is your key message as a gospel musician

Neon: The hunger for more and more and more of God( spiritual desperation)

8  Where do you see yourself in 5 years, and what are your present short term music goals?

Neon: I just signed an artist to the record label called Faith Brodrick and he’s representing the label in Europe. He’s our first international signee. In 5 years, we intend to have expanded his brand and also the label globally. We are also working on signing a distributing deal with a top distributing company but still on hold for now. For now my short term goals are –
Working on my album,
Kick off with a global tour after the release of the album and just watch out for Neon Adejo ??????

9. What is your favourite book of the bible and what is your favourite scripture

Neon:  The book of Ephesians is my favourite book in the bible. John, 14:14 – If you will ask anything in my name, I will do it.Its one of my favourite because it shows me how interested God is in meeting my needs, no matter how big or small.


10. Please leave a word for your fans

Neon: There is nothing impossible for God, just know and believe that.

Neon Adejo, House On The Rock, Eric Arubayi, Onos Ariyo

Check out Neon’s singles here, here and here, and tell me what you think in the comments section?

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