#SongOfTheMoment #MusicReview: ‘As It Is (In Heaven) by Hillsong ….#Checckit!…What’s Your Song of The Moment?

what is hillsong united

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I want to walk on streets of gold and not ever be sick. This worshipy rock piece by Hillsong reminds me of why I am so heaven oriented.

It starts on E major, with strumings from the lead guitar, notes from a digital keyboard, the two time beat of the drums and the bass doing something super delicious at the note ‘lah’ in the chord progression ‘do me fah lah’. The bass is really beautiful in this song; like a delicious drug.

what is hillsong united

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Joel Houston’s voice comes in heavy with soul, and incredibly soft piano keys come in at the second verse, with the dashing bass coming in soon after. I love how Taya Smith’s voice comes in in the line ‘should I suffer long’. I hear The strings come in at the chorus.

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There’s an interlude after the chorus filled with a dash of spontaneous worship, and the lead guitar roars slightly like there’s a bit of a wind, with the bass guitar giving steady ground.

With every chant of the chorus, the drums roar loader and in more stunning time, leading up to a resolution at holy- the bridge-my favourite part. Here, everyone soaks in the awesomeness of the reality of the song. Even this part seems like another climax, with the drums roaring even louder and continously, giving Taya Smith leverage for heart wrenching adlibs.

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The heavenly life is that death is not the end and we don’t have to be sick.  We understand that there’s a weight of glory attached to seeming suffering, and we know that even when we walk through the shadow of death, God is right there with us, counseling us with his eye upon us. We have more than enough grace to go through hard times. Truly, in the glory of God, darkness cannot find us. In Christ also, there are no limitations. We’re not waiting for eternity to start; heaven is right here, right now. We are already seated at the right hand of the father. We are already in heaven.

The song ends and I’m filled.




Bt- dubs, this has been my song of the moment for a good while, but Amanda Cook’s ‘Wonder’ is slowly creeping in.

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Soul- emotion

What is your #SongOfTheMoment ?

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