#EmphaticDynamoSpecial: Rocktown Sunday at PCC Love! || Petra Christian Centre

Petra Christian Centre

I knew right from rehearsal that Sunday worship was going to be lit. The energy was so palpable.

Right from Ayokunle’s song ‘Jesus’ to Efe Nathan’s medley-‘Fi Agbarare Han’and ‘You Are Worthy To Be Glorified’- to Vashawn Mitchell’s ‘Chasing After You’ and then to Sonnie Badu’s ‘Amazing God’ I knew I was in for a swell time.

At one moment every singer stood up individually and then, we began to jam collectively, akin to a Hillsong Young and Free moment.

At interludes, Felix our guitarist strummed soulful melodies on his lead guitar; remniscent of Corinne Bailey Rae pieces slathered with major 7ths, and of course Efetama banged happily on his drum set, grinning from ear to ear.
Ayokunle reminded us that our 30 minutes of worship would carry congregation members through the week, so it must be completely enveloped in prayers.

Come Sunday, praise was electric and the rock flow was everything. I was mostly in love with Cwesi Oteng’s ‘Kabiyesi’ medley, because I was reminded and motivated by the fact that God is the one who reigns in all the earth. He reigns whether or not anyone acknowledges it.

I loved how Casey and Felix looked like guitar heros albeit one extra guitarist, as we sang Travis Greene’s ‘You Waited’.

Petra Christian Centre

My super highlight was when Pastor Ayo led Wonder’ by Amanda Cook supplying a different kind of dopamine! From the very first word of that song, I knew we had hit the climax.

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We were totally enveloped in God’s love as we set our minds on things above. It refreshes me to always have that childlike awe of God and this song reminded me of that. Its already my song of the moment.

Petra Christian Centre

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Church was awesome today.

Y’all come to Pcc!


Bt-dubs…I was dared to listen to only ‘Wonder’ for 4 days straight.

What was the longest amount of time y’all have listened to the same song for?

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