#EmphaticMusings: Live Music From the Mainstream of My Mind

live music in lagos

In my random thoughts, I see a worship concert, with the beautiful Ighiwiyisi Jacobs opening the evening, rending the heavens, taking us by the hand and leading us to a higher realm where she chants the same line or even one word, but with each number of times, we get a different revelation.

Ty Bello would come next with that prophetic nation building anointing, chanting an array of soulful spontaneous melodies to charge up the people and create mental images of places where God has already taken us.

Check out this throwback to The Manifestation with Heather Lindsey

Rachel Kerr would then appear probably in a white signature blazer and lyrics from the laps of Jesus after many days of fastings and crazy woman energy, making the crowd rise, offering groanings too beautiful to be uttered.

Meredith Andrews would render her songs with child like energy, almost akin to God whispering answers into our attentive ears and warming us with His gentle embrace.

Finally, Francesca Battistelli comes repeating God’s answers with more poetry, jazz, acoustics and enjoyment, confirming and reconfirming what God has said with each of his vessels.

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