#MusicReview: ‘Sweetest Song’ by Laitan Dada

Laura Dada 'Sweetest Song', Producer, kinnish with Omolara Music

Enjoy this cool acoustic blend of folk and alternative on G major by Laitan Dada.  I love how this song is folksy but contemporary at the same time.

This song plays with similes, metaphors and richly alive imagery equating God with everything pleasant, such as music, roses, honey, joy and so forth, just like an avid reader would, and also speaks rawly and in plain language over His need for God and his completeness in Christ.

The piano and acoustic guitar collaborate to amplify the melody of this song which sounds bright, alive, fresh and clear, like  water flowing from Ikogosi spring. The vocalist is a rich tenor with an incredibly creamy, well rounded operatic voice, employing a variety of dynamics. This song shares a certain level of ‘kinnishess’ with Omolara Music, reminding me of her song, ‘Lover’. Everywhere I turn, I hear and feel ‘dolce’ and ‘piano’ on this place. This is a feel good song for the road. It would definitely calm you down when you’re in babanla Lagos traffic.

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Download Sweetest Song here

Bt-dubs…check out my glossary

‘Kinnishness’ or ‘Kinnyness’- alikeness, sameness
Thus, kinnish means ‘alike’
‘Babanla’ – massive
Dolce – sweetly or ‘sweetly and softly’
Piano – soft

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