#Checckit! My New Football Jingle…The Festival Themesong!

Universality…tick…Crowd cheering…tick….melodious trumpet…tick…camaraderieric energy tick…thumping baseline and drum set beats on fleak!

Recorded on C#major, the instrumentals of ‘We Are The Revival’ get me going with so much excitement, with the electric and bass guitars jiving for joy. The trumpet reminds me of Nathaniel Bassey’s trumpet gig on Ty Bello’s ‘Holy.Ghost.Air’. I also love the energy of the lead singer, IBK.

This song has all the elements to stand side by side with ‘Stand Up For The Champions’. It’s really chill actually.
But its more than that! It is God breathed and spirit filled, announcing the dawn of a new era of all manner of miracles we’ve been praying about! The ultimate revival meeting, ‘ The Festival’ is upon us, where there’ll be the hearing of faith, the supply of the spirit and the working of miracles!

Of course the dead will be raised, and the blind will see. I however am curious to see non mainstream ones like dyslexia corrected-so nobody has an excuse not to read, loool-, the vanquishing of acne and ‘hellurr freshness’…hehe! But jokes aside, the festival is going to be so lit, and you’ll be having the ‘I now know what to do in the spirit’ expression for days; even months, I reckon!

Bt Dubs, The Festival is this month, on Good Friday at 4pm.



Date: Good Friday, 14th April,  2017.

Venue: Landmark Events Centre, Lekki

Time: 4pm (Gates open from 2pm)


Register at thefestivalnigeria.com


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