Event: The Manifestation With Heather Lindsey!


The air conditioning at the Guiding Light Assembly smelled like refreshing chlorine water relaxing me immediately with thoughts of wading into a pool. The white canopies supplied by Elizabeth R, the concert lights and fog machine quickly registered ‘en pointe ‘ vibes on the event. I was giddy.

The Manifestation opened with the Ignite Fellowship Choir worshipping with Francesca Battistelli’s ‘Holy Spirit’, and of course that got me into the presence of God in a heartbeat. Chiming my favourite childhood worship song,  ‘Here I am To Worship’, I swam deeper. When ‘Alagbara’ by Onos came on, the crowd took the song over, singing straight, leaving little room for vocal embellishment, as it chose the song’s speed. And of course, when Travis Greene’s ‘Made A Way’ came on, the take over was complete, with the whole auditorium chanting in unison, concert lights suddenly becoming brighter and fog erupting more gloriously than five minutes before.

FloRocka gave an energetic performance of ‘Twale’ as well as other praise and worship songs. Mairo Ese came up next, encore with Francesca Battistelli’s ‘Holy Spirit’, con fuoco Victoria Orenze’s ‘Set My Heart On Fire’, and dolce self composed ‘Nanigi’ and ‘Ole Jehovah’.

The Revival Tour featured a panel consisting of Dupe Fagboungbe of Salt Lagos, Debola Williams of Red Media, Lynxx and Martin Abraham of MOH Inspire Limited, which was pretty insightful. I particularly loved how Lynxx recounted the tale of the Holy Spirit arresting him, resulting in his salvation and the infusion of good, clean lyrics in his music. Dupe also talked about the message behind her brand name ‘Salt Lagos’, which is to stand as salt in the earth. Debola of course was my favourite, with his words laced with  wisdom, savvy and experience in every sentence.

But my super highlight of the evening was Ighiwisiyi, with her light buttery alto voice with its astronomical range. She started with a sermon that had me staggered, highlighting that to manifest as a son of God with power, one must be free from offence. Her spontaneous worship was on super fleek,  with delicious jazz influences and a magnanimous control of her alto range. She belted superbly like it was child’s play and made me realise how such a treasure in an earthen vessel she truly is.

Of course, the woman of the moment, Heather Lindsey came on stage explaining in her glorious message that obedience to God’s instructions and allowing oneself to go through the process in the pit was the key to manifesting and causing a revival on earth.

What are your highlights from The Manifestation???




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