#MusicReview: ‘Holy.Ghost.Air’ by Ty Bello, featuring Nathaniel Bassey

What does ositoto laye laiye mean

The hush whispers of ‘Holy Ghost’, the reverent and emphatic sounds of the drum set, sounds of thunder and rain take me right back to Lion King, The Musical. I suddenly envision the back ups dressed as proud Africans in the Savannah chanting and choreographing to song, with Nathaniel Bassey blowing the trumpet on Pride Rock,  akin to when Rafiki presents baby lion Simba to the tribe, heralding the presence of God with it. I also imagine Ty Bello singing ‘I need you more’ as Simba or Mufassa would roar on the same rock. The Zulu influenced harmonies sung in varied dynamics, the harmonised hums and the infusion of tongues and varied chants further drive home this power packed musical ambience.

My favourite part in this whole song is hearing Ty Bello sing ‘Ositoto laiye o’ in alto, giving me the alto-is-the-ultimate-vibe!  And of course, Ty’s earthiness and Jackson 5 flavour always get me giddy! Nathaniel’s infusion of Efik is ticklish and I love it. It is quite a proud display of African culture. I also repeatedly savour Ty and Nath matching pitch to the line,  ‘Bubble up inside of me’, adding colour to the song.

The instrumentation in this song is stellar, with the infusion of chimes at the intro, the drum kits running utter wild with passion, the awesome spontaneity of the bass at the ‘Overflow’ chant, as well as the soft sounds of the grand piano giving me all kinds of musical frission. Nath plays many glorious improvisations too marvelous for words, sometimes making the trumpet sound like a saxophone intermittently throughout the song, giving it more richness. Finally, I love how the electric guitar almost acoustically paddles with the hums of the voices, bringing the song to a solemn end.

Our need for God could never be over emphasised. God is quite necessary to the real life. In fact, He is the Spirit and the life. The bible says blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. I have listened to this amazing song so many times, and I believe it releases to me a certain enablement with each earful.

This is a thirsty, thirsty song on a different level. It’s earnest,  fervent and passionate, and God answers every prayer in it as we chant.

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What is your favourite Ty Bello song?

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