#MusicReview: ‘Holy Spirit’ by Francesca Battistelli

Francesca Battistelli. Holy Spirit


This D Major piece by Francesca Battistelli is incredibly special to me because of the intensity of the presence of God it invokes whenever I worship. It was my go-to-worship song for a really long time, I am so amazed I did not give it a special shout out until now.

It starts with an acoustic intro followed by violin infusions and Francesca’s voice. The drums come in all Hillsong-esque after the chorus and then the verse is repeated as a duet with a male voice with whispers of the electric guitar. Every time the chorus is repeated, it is sung with even more fervor. The chant at the end could not be more reminiscent of Hillsong. Its simple worship style and honest lyrics evoke a thirst which is aptly captured in its video.

Enjoy ‘Find Rest by Francesca Battistelli

‘Holy Spirit’ talks about something that is the essence of my being. I love to be in the presence of God,  to sing to him and  feel him make everything alright. In God’s presence, we leave refreshed. We leave changed. And really, the glory of God is what my heart longs for.

It’s really enough to be overcome by the presence of God with nothing more, but it does so much more. His presence alone changes destinies. It wipes away sad tears and could also cause you to cry joyful ones. I think it is a privilege to be able to say I’ve tasted of the sweetest of loves in God, and nothing could ever take that away.

In his presence, I receive vision and great ideas. I really can’t say it all.

This song is my happy place.

Y’all betturrr #checckit!

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