#SpankingNewVersusThrowBackJam: ‘TBH’ and ‘D.O.L.’ by Phishaman!



I don’t know if anybody knows this, but Phishaman is one of my favourite rappers, so I’ve been waiting for a new track from him for time. Bt-dubs, he’s the rapper on Ty Bello’s ‘The Future Remix’. This review will feature his spanking new track in addition to an old favourite!

Dirty South styled  ‘TBH’  is the new track, produced by  El Tha Architect, mixed and mastered by Dr Sankty  and loaded with spirit filled excerpts from Pastor Poju Oyemade’s teachings.

It is an easy going track telling the truth like it is with a blend of poetry. It warns that life is not to be taken casually, but seriously with a philosophy and with values driving you. It mentions core values like diligence as regards fulfiling your vision, leaving no place for laxity.  It also talks about the fact that you can’t speed up a process that God wants you to go through.

It could also be interpreted  an evangelistic track wishing that all of mankind would accept the philosophy of Christ.


Juxtaposing this track with an old throw back, #D.O.L. from mixtape ‘ERMusic’ has that 90’s signature flavour, this rap gives me life. Everytime I listen, I just feel great, like I could be any creative thing I wanna be.  This song is emphatic, poetic and highly intellectual and filled with too many revs! Basically it is about the fact that to be propelled, you might need to do something drastic. Phishman is propelled by the prophecies which his speaks of, rooted in Christ. This track is basically about the stunning inheritance we have in Christ. For instance, how we can speak words that would amount to prophecy!

Recently I came across a quote which says ‘An old timer said “the confident speech of a believer is akin to the language of a prophet” (confident speech- bold declarations of d Word)’. This definitely echoes the lyrics of this song,  and I believe God wants us to speak into our own lives, and circumstances and change what needs to be changed. We need to speak into our own lives to motivate and propel ourselves into our destinies.

TBH to me seems like a completion to #DOL because  you have to be propelled by your philosophies and values even when you have a revelation from God about how your life is supposed to turn out.

In as much as there’s a prophecy, we need to get our philosophies and values on check for the fulfilment of that prophecy.

Listen to ‘TBH’ here

Listen to ‘#D.O.L.’ here


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