#EmphaticDynamoSpecial! Hellurrr Thanksgiving at Jesus House!



Hellurr guys!

Thanksgiving at Jesus House was super amazing. I had heard of legend Pastor IBK before I joined Sovereign Army Fellowship, and went for a service when she was around, but it was nothing like Ibk-as she is now known- ministering at Jesus House yesterday.

Her energy was splufik!!! Her tone and words were enveloped in the magnificent anointing of the Holy Spirit! It was so empowering, showing the understanding of the glorious God she serves. I had countless ‘eh!’ moments.

Her ad libs and general worship lead in her amazing alto range were phenomenal, and there was such a cohesion with the instruments and back ups. Hillsong’s ‘In Jesus Name’ and Sinach’s power house song ‘I know Who I Am’ were remixed by the instrumentalists with a funk(y) flavour. The bass guitar shined through so deliciously amidst the back ups and the incredible Pastor Ibk as I know her to be!

Pastor Agu Irukwu said that there are certain services that God’s presence is so obvious and it makes things so easy; this was one of those services. Thanksgiving praise was so magnificent, I didn’t want to leave!

When you’re in London, Jesus House is the place to be.




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