#SongOfTheMoment: ‘Impossible Things’ by Chris Tomlin, featuring Danny Gokey




#Hey guys, my new song of the moment is fully loaded yo!

Enjoy this upbeat pop jam on D major, with teases of rock  on 4/4 time by Chris Tomlin, featuring Daniel Gokey. I’m pretty sure this single will be a smash hit, following the promotion of Chris’s new album ‘Never Lose Sight’, but I couldn’t wait! I have utterly bonded with the song . Bt-dubs, I’m enjoying Chris’s  album on Spotify! This is one of the few ‘goodnesses’ of being in London town…hehe.

I totally love the energy of this song. If you feel like you’re in a quagmire, you will receive new found strength and garner motivation after a couple of listens remind you of the awesomeness of our God who does impossible things!  I like the solid beat of the drums and the zing of the acoustic guitar, as well as the tunes of the lead guitar. Danny Gokey’s rich and deliciously harsh voice gives tremendous character to the second verse. The chants at the bridge, the alteration of the melody of  the first line of the refrain, and the hearty ohs its end after give the track an anthem effect, sure to stay in our hearts for a good while.

I love this song so much because it talks about healing, restoring broken hearts, God setting a table for you in the presence of your enemies and so much more; I mean, there are so many goodies that come with God!


Y’all, check this song out on spotify if you can!


Or purchase it here!





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