#MusicReview: ‘Onise Iyanu’ by Nathaniel Bassey




Savour this contemporary worship piece with a rock flavour by Nathaniel Basssey, featuring Micah Stampley and the Glorious Fountain Choir. Nathaniel’s energy in the song is through the roof, with his ethnic heritage giving him a fantastic diction for singing. One of the questions I’d love to ask is ‘Please sir, how many hours of prayer and fasting?’-lool!

I love the ‘live’ feel of the song, with its amazing God ambience, the harmonies of choir, as well as their stoic chants. The single notes played in the intro were the quintessential Nathaniel Bassey styles intro, which was cool to hear with Micah’s ‘woahs’ supporting it nicely. The infusion of a few bass notes was also a nice touch.

Sung on G major, I feel the instruments and the love recording of this song creating an imagery that reminds me of the bridge of Ty Bello’s ‘Gates and Doors’.

It took  a couple of listens for me distinguish Micah Stampley’s  voice from Nathaniel’s. I guess that goes to show brotherhood. Big Ups to that!

Y’all just #checckit!





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