#EmphaticDynamoSpecial: Magnificent Worship at Jesus House!


#Hey guys,

I went to Jesus House and it reminded me so much of the inexplicable Nigerian signature  worship. It really felt like home! There were so many worship waves, with my being in total awe of the magnitude of who God is, as well as a calm knowing that His presence was there. There were bursts of joy and gladness, spirit filled energy, goosebumps and dopamine.

I especially enjoyed the imagery that the lead worshiper portrayed, almost like she could see God right in front of her and she was ministering to Him. Her authority and knowledge of the word were remarkable. The presence of God was all over the room, with her singing Darlene Zschech’s ‘ In The Name of Jesus’, Sinach’s ‘The Name of Jesus’, ‘Your Majesty’ and a couple of other hits.

The word was also amazing, with Pastor Baj elucidating certain principles that God stands by and rewards such as vision, faith, confronting reality (with the word), mercy, compassion and so many others. I fondly remember when Pastor Baj said way back when I was in university that we enter into God’s gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise to receive the word of God. So basically, if you do not receive the word when you’re in church, or your mind drifts away, your job isn’t complete.

There’s something also one of a kind about Jesus House; it’s almost like there’s a specie of people that go there, and you can for sure identify them outside this body for super cool reasons *wink*. It most definitely must be the conditioning of the word!

When you’re in London, y’all better check Jesus House!



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