#Throwback #MusicReview : ‘Find Rest’ by Francesca Battistelli

'Find Rest' Francesca Battistelli

#Hey Guys

I already gave a heads up on what my next post would be, so enjoy my 2014 throwback review of ‘Find Rest’ by Francesca Battistelli!

I love the message of this song and I find that I have to tell it to myself a lot. In this world, it could be really easy to let your cares distract you from worshiping, staying still or seeing clearly but this song reminds us to find rest and put our hope in God because nothing catches him by surprise.

Certain things always tick with Francesca: beautifully poetic words, incredible soul, an interesting choice of chords and an amazing melody line.  Her layered voice on the track also gives it a distinctive feel.

The piece is introduced by the lead guitar striking a few chords. The bass and drums then come in simultaneously with a dark, heavy, G minor feel to it, remniscent of Francesca’s  ‘Beautiful Beautiful’ and ‘Lead Me To The Cross’. At the chorus, the acoustic guitar is introduced, making the song feel lighter, but only for a moment, and the bass reappears, fitting perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle piece.

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The volume is turned up a notch in the second verse with the lead guitar sounding brighter, and the digital keyboard making a swift appearance, only for the lead guitar to return to take its place as the star instrument. Francesca’s singing also becomes more soulful in this verse.

At the second chorus, I can feel the delicious pizzicato effect of the digital violins. And as if the song could not be raw enough, the bridge comes in as an incredible climax, with Battistelli chiming words of mercy and Jesus. The acoustic piano accompanies the third chorus, but the bass overshadows it.

This piece has the bass and lead guitars gently vying for the star role, with the lead guitar putting up a good fight, but the bass emerging as queen.


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