#MusicReview: ‘One Thing’ by Hillsong || What is Your Favourite Hillsong Worship Song?

hillsong london night of worship

This piece over here is my life’s theme song! Nothing could ever be more fulfilling than having a relationship with God and constantly tasting his awesomeness. The lead singer has definitely done so, and this is an addiction with no pain or negative effect.

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There’s something magnificent about recording your song live, with the ‘woahs’, giving the audience leeway to echo the track’s passion. I love the rock feel of this jam on the unassuming C major with the laid back effect of making you stop where you are just to enjoy it.

I love the introductory piano notes recurring throughout the song, which I can already play…*wink*, with the lead guitar following it just before the first verse. I love how the drums come in after the premier chorus and how the back ups support the lead singer, matching hunger and thirst, but the ecstasy of the lead singer’s voice is magnificent and second to none. The line ‘I want nothing but to know you and to be with you my God’ is everything and simply bursts my brain(of course, God brings it back…lool:)

#EmphaticDynamoSpecial: Hellurr Hillsong London!

At the interlude, the lead guitar comes in again, but its sound is different, giving an exquisite feel to this song. The drums appear again con fuoco, making the chant even more glorious.  I have no doubt in my mind that Hillsong is gonna be the main choir in heaven!

Y’all gotta #checckit!

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