#SpankingNew #MusicReview: ‘Give You Praise’ by Chris Agape



Enjoy this piece by newbie, Chris Agape, which focuses on the duty of a christian to praise God out of love and adoration. The rock feel of this song definitely channels Jeremy Camp.

Easy to sing along lyrics, the pizzicato feel of the sound after the introductory chords, the cool guitar twangs toward the end of the piece, the emphatic beat of the drums at the bridge and the mature sound of the bass are a few of the highlights of this rendition. The bridge is also a lovely inversion of the main melody, giving new energy to the song. It definitely has lot of promise for a proper rock jam.

 ‘Give you Praise’ goes through a range of emotions from soft and tender to increasingly soulful, a bit raw though not quite reaching that heart wrenching climax of emotion. It is an amazing attempt though. With extra doses of breath, growl, emotion and poetry, this song would definitely be on the right track to the A list!

#Checckit here guys, and let me know what you think!

PS: Big ups to Qase for a fantastic production!

Also find Chris’s press release here on his blog:) Yup he’s a bloggerrrr

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