#SpankingNew #MusicReview : ‘Land of Promise’ by Ty Bello


I present the highly anticipated anthem, ‘Land of Promise’ by Ty Bello.

This track was produced by Mela,  mixed and mastered by Mr. Wols.

Moving on, this contemporary track on A major has what I would call a nomadic flavour, like the sound of what the bible describes as the psalm of the ascents- Psalm 126, for example. I just feel like if it were to be put to music, it would sound something like this. Another example is the ‘By the Rivers of Babylon’ song, as well as that psalm itself. Can anyone guess what psalm that is?

‘Land of Promise’ is a cool, God breathed record laced with hope and the God signature ambience. I love the swells of the back ups, echoing Ty’s  hope for Nigeria and also fancy how the song is transposed to its relative minor, F sharp; pretty neat. The drums are also cool; march past-ey initially, but continue on a roll, infusing energy into the song.

I like Ty’s slight growl and way in which she draws the word ‘forsaken’ when she chants ‘Awake oh beauty, you have not been forsaken’. She gives off some Yoruba inflections when she says ‘Tell your daughters… to speak to the land’.  Her growl goes slightly higher when she sings ‘Calling your land of promise, we call out your grace’. I’m still trying to decide if I would have loved more growl though. I think I might have. On the other hand, I think I might miss hearing Ty’s clear voice like it was on ‘Ekundayo’.

Either way, there’s something really special about Ty’s voice. Something extra, called prayer. In my very mind,  people who pray have a certain kind of feel to their voice, coupled with digested scripture sung effortlessly and an unshakable passion. It is only in the place of prayer that you can understand that you can be blessed in Nigeria the way it is, apprehend God’s plans for her, receive words that would catapult her there (which should be confessed multiple times) and be empowered to play your part to make that happen. There only can you comprehend how much God cares about this country and expects you to convey that hope to people who are without it. It is only when we look closely that we realise that it is because of the state of Nigeria that God has blessed us with amazing songs like this to keep us going.

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