#Event: Sinach Live in Concert!



If you’re in South Africa, you catch Sinach at the ‘He Did it Again’ concert this month!

It promises to be a time of giving words to your prophesies with her amazing God breathed renditions. Songs aren’t just for how God makes you feel or how you feel. Sometimes God ‘sings’ to you to tell you what He’s about to do in your life.

So get ready y’all, if you’re in S.A.

Sinach is gonna be doing worship with amazing worship leaders including Dudu, Ki,  Nico, Adlan Cruz, Viwe Nikita, Farlon Lye, Peter Tobe and Assent Tweed!

PS: #Utterloving the mustard promo colour!



Date: Friday, 19th August 2016

Venue: Mosaiek Theatre, Roodeport, Johannesbourg, South Africa

Time: 7pm

Get your tickets here!

Bt-dubs…Sinach is giving out a couple free tickets to students. Follow @therealsinach on instagram for more details!



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