#90sThrowback: The Great Gogo Majin

who is Gogo Majin?


I’m adding a new category to Emphatic Dynamo, and it’s called the ‘#90sthrowback!’, which celebrates the music and artistes of the 90s or anyone who gives me that vibe.

I miss that era of music so much, and I believe I’m not alone in this ‘missing’.

So I’m dedicating this throw back to Gogo Majin.

Fondly remembered as a vocal coach from Project Fame of 2008, I recall the soothing way she encouraged the contestants to give their best. Lol, I felt like her words moved me!

Her tracks, ‘Almighty God’, ‘Can’t Stop Praising’ and ‘Waiting’ give a taste of her kind of music, and can be found here

Her voice could go raspy like Brandy’s and earthy like Ty Bello’s, while giving off its own unique tone. And she defintely loads her tracks with soft but detailed riffs and runs.

Despite the fact that her songs came out in 2008, a lot of her music was 90’s inspired,  riding me to my happy place, with their loops, low range back ups and distinct melodies.

I also like her lyrics- her use of oxymorons, like ‘uncomfortable blessings’ in ‘Can’t Stop Praising’, listing them in such a rhythmically appealing manner…  ‘Provision, protection, my family, my job’ …and then adds delicious ‘ooohs’

who is Gogo Majin?

Image Credit: Ty Bello

Her lyrics also communicate a very personal relationship with God, which is pretty much the most important ingredient of a moving gospel record.

Even though she’s focused on fashion design now, she would always be remembered as the amazing singer who shared the awesome gift of herself with us, albeit for a while, and a thoughtful vocal coach who inspired and encouraged others, with her gentle, quiet spirit.


Photo Credit: Ty Bello

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