#MusicReview: ‘Glory’ by Rachel Kerr



This is a track of legends!


How could I not review this song? I’m all about the glory of God. I think about it, tweet about it etc. Gosh, the veracity of Rachel Kerr’s vocals are the pure glory of God. Her tremors surely motivate me. Her inflections are so heavy and beautiful, with excellent diction, placing emphatic stress on the appropriate syllables. Rachel’s vocals, a stronger version of Kelly Rowland’s, are not in any way approximate. They are spot on!


‘Glory’ is a live worship piece with a huge helping of jazz and old school soul. This G minor masterpiece starts with the piano and her soft hums,  with the piano infusing glissandos to accompany Rachel’s incredibly soulful voice, and  not forgetting the ‘father’ bass guitar, adding irreplaceable depth to the song. The drums with their amazing rhythm give the song a beautiful twist as they emphasize the phrase ‘All the time’. The back ups are also amazing, echoing Rachel’s passion.

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What I love most about this piece are the trumpets. They are a slight reminder of Corinne Bailey Rae’s ‘Trouble Sleeping’, but ultimately show me they have a mind of their own. The bridge is also marvellous, with the drums and trumpets modifying the rhythm, but still maintaining 3/8 time.

This record is ultimate perfection to me, with Rachel chanting and ministering unto God, emphasising how praise breaks down walls, brings down blessings and freedom and causes mercy to abound. It evokes the presence of God with such authority and understanding, which could only come from a place of studying the word deeply. The lyrics of this song are clearly strong meat.

Rachel’s riffs are tried and tested, and her message is old and legendary, showing she has great spiritual roots, co writing this sensational work of art with A. Abiola, L. Daniels and Jonathan Nelson

Even her white cape with its unique style is fitting to this number’s glorious theme.

Thumbs up Rachel!

Y’all better #checkkit!

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