#MusicReview: ‘Jehovah’ by Glowreeyah Braimah

Glowreeyah Braihmah Jehovah


Glowreeyah Braimah’s ‘Jehovah’ is the definition of fresh, with its innate capacity to put one in a good mood. It is an ostensibly sunny song with yards of greatness underlying it. Glowreeyah’s conviction about God as her Jehovah is very palpable, and indeed,  everyone should know God personally, as He is the one who is actively present, fighting your battles.

This song has made me go through so many emotions…excited Jehovah is my God, so touched that He is always there for me, motivated because He is fighting my battles, even turning up because He is always on my side.  I’ve listened to this song squillions of times and it has not gotten old!

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This song starts with percussion, running on G sharp minor, and then the electric trumpet comes in, reminding me of  Ron Kenoly, the entire piece channeling Sinach’s ‘I Know Who I Am’  energy and giving off  Lionel Peterson’s ‘Peace’ vibes with oboe notes in between. Glowreeyah is definitely one of the gospel greats, I tell you!

Savour the stellar South African flavour of this calypso jam as  Glowreeyah’s hums deeply like the intercessor that she is and the lead and bass guitar intermittently strike Zulu after as she sings ‘I have Jehovah’.

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My favourite part comes in when the guitars give off a techno flavour towards the end, as Glowreeyah says ‘Oh you’re my Jehovah’  twice before bursting into the chorus for the final time. And the ‘ohs’ of the back ups give the song a ‘jingly’ feeling, like we’re at a football match!

Honestly, this song gives me that jollof feeling!

Y’all gotta #checckit!

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