#MusicReview: ‘Jehovah Ebenezer’ by Onos


Hey Guys!


I really didn’t expect this, but this A flat masterpiece brought me to tears on my third listen. It welcomed me home to my father whom I would always run to; my rock who’s always got my back. He really is the one I’d always sing to because He will never change.


I was pleasantly surprised by this track because I expected a jazzy number from Onos. Somewhere in my mind, she’s jazz, but I quickly fell in love with the refreshing sound of the bass and Onos’s hush mutterings.

This song has a pensive air, with Onos singing in her alto range laced with Zulu inflections . You need not hear her other songs to know she’s got vocal prowess, and a healthy growl*wink*

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This song has a delicious South African vibe, with its initial bass chords, the mutterings of vocalists, the softness of the piano, the awesome shrieks of the electric guitar, the switch in language and the drum beats culminating into making this song a delight!

I love the soothing harmonies; simple, nice and resounding. I would have sworn I heard Kunle Kenny’s voice, but I’m guessing that’s a super long shot…lol. My favourite line is ‘I will sing to the one who’s got my back’, especially because its so mainstream, yet speaks the desires of my heart.

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Ebenezer is Hebrew for rock or stone of help, and I believe God wants to take his place as the rock in our lives. We shouldn’t spend our time singing about people who’ve broken our hearts or anything that is transient.  We should sing to the one who’s got our backs.

So basically, this is my song of the moment. What’s yours?


Bt-dubs…the miusic video is out! #Checckit here!

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