#EmphaticDynamoSpecial: Hellurr Hillsong London!

night of worship lagos hillsong


Hillsong Church…

There’s something really amazing about the body of Christ and the fact that you can feel at home when you are away from your usual ‘congregation of the saints’.  My definition of feeling at home in this sense  is going to place you’ve never been before finding God’s word meeting you right there!


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Hillsong Church London night of worship lagos

I visited Hillsong Church, London for the first time today and I felt that.  I was greeted warmly at the Apollo Victoria Theatre by hosts and entered into the service soothed by the ambience of  worship music.

Hillsong church London night of worship lagos

 Hillsong night of worship lagos

Heartfelt prayer was offered up to God and amazing testimonies were shared,  but my highlight of the service was the fact that everyone had to walk up to people they had never met before to welcome them to service.  So I felt very much like part of this church!


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Hillsong night of worship lagos

Casey Treat from Christian Faith Centre Seattle preached on setting one’s mind on things above,  explaining that we all have the ability to control our minds.

I obtained all the goodies of this service in quite a snap-less than 2 hours!


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And I ran into my amazing friend  whom I was meeting up with  later on at Hillsong!- I had a feeling I’d meet her there though,  ‘amean’… only the coolest people go to Hillsong; )

So if you’re in London,  make sure to stop by Hillsong Church!

Plus Hillsong music is plenty ‘wicked’… loool!



Venue: (for October 11th 2015 only) Apollo Victoria Theatre

17 Wilton Road



See www.hillsong.com/london for the usual venue!









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