#EmphaticDynamoSpecial: My Worship Song of the Moment!


Easy melody worship songs will never go out of fashion because sometimes you just wanna go straight to the point.  ‘I will worship you forever’ does just that for me.

This song composed by Nathaniel Bassey was sung during worship in church two days ago and I was reminded of the numerous things I love about it! What I love most about it is that it is really honest. You would only worship a God forever because He is too good; because He is too kind. My God is truly amazing and I shall never tire saying that.(Yes, tire is a real word… lol)

Enjoy ‘Olowogbogboro’ by Nathaniel Bassey

This song catapults me into the place of worship with no effort at all. Merely thinking about this song could just make me cry because I know my God is really good. Many a time I look back at my life  and I can truly say that God is committed to giving me the best; to making me see that I am top.

I also love the fact that one could interchange the lyrics of this song so easily. So you could say this ‘This grace is too much oh’. sometimes when I’m all alone at home, I go ‘This God is too chill oh’… lol or sometimes ‘This God is a God of wonders oh’ ( mouthful… I know… lol)

So that’s that about that!

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