#Event: Michael W. Smith at The Covenant Place!


Live music is everything,  I tell you!  I was at The Covenant Place on Monday and watched Michael W Smith,  aka ‘G-Daddy’, perform live!

The ambience was happy and concerty ,  with spews of worship moments in between.


Michael sang so many classics like ‘Lord I give you my heart’,  ‘Draw me close to you’,  ‘Here I am to worship’,  ‘Your Grace Has Found Me Just As I Am’,  ‘Halleluyah’ and so many others.

With his acoustic guitar tilted slightly upwards,  shining as the star of the show,  he performed ‘Mighty To Save’,  and of course,  everyone sang along!


On his  ‘Everywhere I Go I See You’ song, the bass and electric guitarists jammed loads of awesome power chords.


There were a few climax moments like when he sang ‘Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty ‘, ‘This Is The Air I Breathe’ and ‘Let It Rain’. It definitely felt like God had walked into the room.


Michael W Smith said a lot of amazing things including  the fact that God said to him when he was really young ‘I’m extremely  fond of you,  Michael’.  That really tripped me!   He also sang a new song with the following lyrics ‘you are faithful forever…. perfect in love… you are sovereign over us’

He closed with Lenny LeBlanc’s ‘There is None Like  You’, one of my best devotion songs.

At the end of the day… amidst the fun,  splufik lights and sound… Michael did not forget his mission… He came to Nigeria to deposit something… an inheritance.


Photo Credits: Chyder5 Photography

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