#UndergroundLegend: Titilola The Awesome! || Musings on Titi Oloyede

 Who is Titi Oloyede?

When I think of this woman, I think strength…I think resilience…I think awesomeness!

Phenomenal worshiper with a sublimely raspy voice,  Titilola Oloyede makes worship a delight!

Sometimes, the only reason I like certain songs is because of the way she sings them. Two Sundays ago,  Titilola sang Glowreeyah Braimah’s ‘Miracle Worker’ and it has been ringing in my head ever since!  When she sang Hezekiah Walker’s ‘Every Praise’ in church,   it became my song of the moment! And I was blown away by her remarkable rendition of Mairo Ese’s ‘You Are The Reason’,  which was actually the first time I heard the song!

Learn how to  develop a Good Singing Tone with Titi here:)

Titi’s voice is strong and heavy with a lot of character and she sings with so much spirit, that that is truly enough! She is a squillion shades of awesome with so many talents! There are so many things to love about this woman. I really cannot wait for her first album, because I’m sure it is going to be loaded!

Speaking of the underground business, Titi performed back up vocals for Nathaniel Bassey at The Experience  2014 and is in the Lovesong Ministry, which is filled with a love for God, taking over the world one worship service at a time. She is currently Head of Petra’s Christian Centre’s Rhythms and Rhapsody.

Titi Oloyede was Head of Sovereign Army Fellowship’s Levites for two years and has been in numerous choirs and groups, including Kingdom Worshippers and RCCG Solid Rock Teens. And surprise surprise, the new band NNB is made up of Titi Oloyede, Michael Oloyede and Damilare Akinyede, who have just released a fantastic album! If you’re a fan of jazz, funk, ambience soul, folk, Asa, Kenny K’ore Beautiful Nubia or Bez, you would love this album. Titi is on a good number of tracks giving off her soulful, African feel! Watch out for this Diva!

Amazon rates this album ‘Pop’,  iTunes labels it ‘Pop, Music, World’, and Muzoic describes this album as ‘Pop, World/Folk’

Purchase this amazing album or its tracks with these links:




…or if you do not have money in your ATM, just manage the previews…hehehe!

For a good ol’ dose of Titi, head over to Petra this Sunday!

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