#Event #EmphaticDynamoSpecial : 10 Things I love About My Petrita!



I love Petra Christian Centre for too many reasons but I’m gonna share 10 of them today:)

10. Because ‘Rhythms and Rhapsody’ sang the first song I ever blogged about today:) ‘All I ask by Meredith Andrews’. And it just brought back memories because I was in Law School at the time I heard that song, and  I thought to myself ‘Everyone on this planet should hear this!’
9. Because our Pastor always prays for us and his dream is for us to succeed in life and live to our fullest potential. It’s amazing how one man could just dedicate his life to ensuring that other people turn out greater than ever. It’s really mind blowing.
8. There’s always an amazing hymn to sing every Sunday, and sometimes I’m just like…’I can’t wait to sing descant!’
7. Because Petra is home:)
6. Cuzzz Petra’s logo is the coolest evurrr!
5. There’s more than enough love for everyone.
4. Cuz there’s so much lingo and depth. I love lingo, and I love to learn about business, psychology, and so many other subjects in one Sunday!
3. God’s presence is always here!

2. Cuz Rhythms and Rhapsody makes worship so amazing for me:)  (And I’m a Rhythms and Rhapsody member *covers face*)

1. Because… David Nkennor is gonna worship with us this Tuesday for our mid week service!



Venue: Petra Christian Centre, Providence Street, Off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase I

Time: 6:30pm

Today’s service is gonna be loads of awesome.

And you could do something nice for someone after service….you could share a Coke with them;)

It’s the end of the Solemn Assembly, after all  *wink*


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