#MusicReview: Unchangeable God by Ayokunle

Unchangeable-God-art-2-650x650With delightful back ups and ice lolly harmonies, this Rock and Contemporary Fusion is a beauty to behold. Sung in my favourite key, E Flat,  with a pleasant piano intro followed by drums, this song washes over me like cool soothing water.

Talking about how the King of all the Earth is one who gives me strength in my time of need further calms me after a long day. It’s amazing how my God is so great yet not afraid to give me peace in His presence. He literally guards my life without my begging for it and He’ll never change! He’ll never stop being faithful, loving and caring!

I love this God!

I like the fact that Ayokunle infuses lines from other songs like Byron Cage’s ‘You Are God Alone From Before Time began’, ‘You Are Good And Your Mercy Is Forever’ and ‘Asoromatase’. Every time I hear Ayokunle sing, I’m reminded of Mairo Ese, the great one who sang  an amazing version of Nathaniel Bassey’s ‘ You are the Reason’. I also love how he explores low notes, bringing to the audience’s ears the ample range of his chest voice as he sings ‘None compares to the measures of your strength’ at the bridge.  And he sure does have a cute way of pronounces his ‘r’s and ‘ble’s. Makes you wanna replay the track to hear it all over again.


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