#CoverStory! #Interview: ‘Wetin I go give to You, My Praise’ Crooner, Gabriel Eziashi shares life!

who is gabriel eziashi


Spirit and Brains… Pastor, father, songwriter, worship leader and vocalist, Gabriel Eziashi is all shades of awesome! With an Oxford University degree under his belt, there is nothing evil to be said about this fine man! Legendary singer and composer of the super danceable track ‘My Praise’, Gabriel has led God’s people to a deeper level of praise and worship. With over 20 years in music ministry, 3 albums and 2EPs, Gabriel Eziashi is certainly a force to reckon with, not leaving out the fact that his albums were masterminded by top notch producers including Wole Oni, Cobhams Asuquo, Mosa Adegboye and Rotimi Akinfenwa! Emphatic Dynamo caught up with him and he shared his experiences about life and the qualities that make him stand out as a minister of God. Enjoy!


  1. Tell me about yourself

My name is Gabriel Eziashi; I am married to my darling wife of my youth “Oludayo Eziashi”. We are blessed with two wonderful children (Bryana and Yannis). I am an ordained Pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God, I lived in the UK until this year, as I have relocated to the United States of America. I am a Gospel Music Minister and above all of these, I love God.

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  1. Tell me about your family background

I was born into a family of nine. I am the fifth child of seven siblings all scattered around the globe. I was born in Lagos Nigeria into the family of Late Mr. & Mrs. James Eziashi. I attended my primary and secondary education in Lagos Nigeria. I later gained admission into The Polytechnic Ibadan, where I got a Diploma in Business Administration. Afterwards, I moved to the United Kingdom and attended Oxford University where I studied Theology and Apologetics.




  1. What is your main genre of music?

I am a Minister of the Gospel in Music and that is how I see myself, but to what degree the music is interpreted ie Afro, Hip Hop, Country, Blues etc, is totally up to my fans to decide. All I do is put out what was laid on my heart.

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  1. How did you develop your love for music?

I guess it’s always been there from childhood, it’s always been a place I run to, to get meaning to life or any situation I find myself in. To me, music is THE LIFE I LIVE.


who is Gabriel EziashiVOCATION AND MINISTRY

  1. How has your Oxford degree sharpened your mind toward the music that you do now?

It basically molded the way I think about people and the different cultures of the world. It helped me see things from different perspectives, to know that no one is better than the other, rather one is to choose the best from all cultures and make life meaningful out of it all.


  1. You have been at the Redeemed Christian Church, Jesus House leading worship for over 12 years. How has that shaped you into the kind of artiste that you are today?

Jesus House for All Nations (RCCG) was my grooming ground. This was where the word and teaching of Pastor Agu Irukwu prepared me for greater heights in the music. It did not stop there as I further went to Pastor a church for over five years. Now if all these were put together these were the things I learnt:

    • I learnt that Gospel Music is not about Competition with other artistes
    • I have an understanding of the message God would have me share with His people; which is to bring (True Worship) and to (create a heart of intimacy with God).
    • I understood that this race is not to the swift, but to those who will do what He has instructed them to do
    • Finally, I understand that it is a privilege to be used by Him.



  1. In the area of music, what do you think is more important- the melody or the words?

Both. We must understand that music is a language, and if properly composed or written, will speak on behalf of the maker. So both the melody and the lyrics must be accurate, as people’s attention ability differs. Some hear the words first, while others, the tune (melody).


  1. With the great amount of reception you got from your hit single ‘My Praise’, should we anticipate more spunky praise pieces in your next album?

Oh Yes, by God’s grace. Be very expectant.

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  1. How would you classify the Nigerian Gospel Music Industry in terms of growth?

As far as I can see, the Nigerian Gospel Music Industry is growing bigger more than ever before. The reason is very simple, we have new gospel artistes who are very creative and have a message to convey to the masses e.g. Nathaniel Bassey, Frank Edwards, and Sinach etc. Now this has not in any way slowed the fore-runners like Panam Percy Paul, Sam Okposo, just to mention a few. They are still doing their thing and serving as mentors to the upcoming artistes. I strongly believe that Gospel Music, in not too distance a future, will take over Entertainment as we know it today in Nigeria.

10. What was the last album you listened to?

Noel Robinson’s “I am Devoted”




11. What would I find you doing on a languorous Saturday?

Three things: Firstly, make breakfast for my family. Secondly, watch a movie or two, and Lastly, sleep.

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12. What is your favourite sport?

Table Tennis


13. Please leave a parting word for your fans

A big thank you to you all for believing in me and in the God I represent. My greatest desire is that you have a PERSONAL ENCOUNTER with HIM; I know your lives will never remain the same. Love you all with all my heart.



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