#ThrowbackThursday: You No Dey Sleep by PITA


This throwback goes all the way to 2010, to my best song by Pita. I know everyone is exceedingly satisfied with Pita’s  ‘You Light Up My World’, but ‘You No Dey Sleep’ is my favourite ‘Pita Jam’, and I’m going to tell you all the things I love about it.

Immediately I plug in my earphones, panning action takes effect as the drums roll in giving me an impression that I’m listening to a super exciting song. Pita’s soulful voice plays in, so calming and delicious, tingling with an Asa slash Beautiful Nubian flavor when he says ‘And I don pray’ in the first verse. I hear the sizzling and deliciously shrilly violins from the intro, all through the chorus, with the violas muttering softly and gracefully underneath them. The piano interjects like cool drops of honey, responding to Pita intermittently in the first verse.

Pita’s pidgin is quite astounding; honest and homegrown. The second verse really gives me the kick when he utters the words ‘Make I no lie’, and I am especially tickled by the lines ‘ No be by power oh, no be by mighty oh’, and I remember that My College Fellowship Pastor spoke the very same words humorously, reminding us that we cannot achieve anything by our strength because God’s word is ultimate creative power, and we can achieve little without it.

I would describe this genre as very mature soft rock. It really reminds me of John Mayer, and in a way, Adele, and every other artiste that does not sing or play the popular, mainstream kind of music, but composes music that is true to his heart.

I love the fact that this song is full of hope, but hope is not enough. You need faith, based on God’s word. Also, when you pray, you have to believe that you have the petitions you’ve already asked for; and you pray understanding that God has delivered you already.

Asides that, this song is super awesome.

I love it with all my heart!


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