#SmokingHotSaturday! #Music Review: You Are The Reason by Mairo Ese




Phenomenal, resonating and mind blowing are the words to describe this ballad of refined worship. Pure, undiluted and spirit filling, I can’t get enough! I’m simply drawn into deeper levels of worship, and it’s amazing how a simple chorus can take you to places you never dreamed.

I keep savouring this contemporary piece, with a touch of pop. The drum claps at the intro reminiscent of Lara George’s ‘Koma Si’, the gliding of the grand piano and the sizzling sweetness of the violins and violas give the song a delightful ‘live’ feeling. This classic verse is repeated a couple of times, accentuating the rich soul in Mairo’s voice, and giving him the opportunity to show off his soft, slow and deliberate riffs, teased with the classic Black American boyish RnB swag, kind of like Omarion’s.

What I like about Mairo’s ad libs is that they come from a real place; He’s not feigning feeling. He actually emotes everything he says! He has gone past levels of practice to a place of reality. So when he says ‘My Jesus’, you would know that Jesus really belongs to him, that Jesus is so real to him.

The back ups are a touch of gold in this piece, starting off mellow and stoic but soon entering into a crescendo with the drums while switching from melody  to harmony and climaxing as they chant ‘ Saviour’, ‘Ruler’, ‘Jesus’ ‘You Are The Reason’, and then gradually getting softer again, exhibiting their choral prowess. The lead and bass guitars wow me in this song, taking me to new levels of ecstasy. Meanwhile,The piano continues its glissandos and then, the organ finishes off with chords pedaled Black American Baptist Church Style!

I’m giving Rotimi Keys several high 5’s for creating this masterpiece!



Download Mairo’s piece here!!


  1. Lovely, lovely song! Rich vocals too. But Ose you’ve used all the adjectives, which one will I now use? LOL.

  2. Indeed Ose, you’ve used up all the adjectives in Longman’s. After reading your comments, I’m sure even the artiste will wanna go hear the song. Lol. Buh methinks there should be a link on this blog through which we can download the song; (not only stream on youtube) because after reading this review, my ears are watering to listen to the song.
    Nice comments. Inspiring. Keep it up!!!

  3. Thank you very much!

  4. Awwn Thank you!

  5. Lol thanks.

  6. Hehe…thanks!

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