#SmokingHotSaturday! #Review ‘Say Yes’ by Michelle Williams Feat Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland


I’ve got to say that I was totally impressed by this video! This, truly, is Michelle at her finest! When I heard a clip of this song and realised that it was our very own Nigerian ‘When Jesus Says Yes’ chorus, I didn’t think there’d be anything special to it, but when I saw the video from beginning to end, I was completely blown away! Needless to say, our song has done wonders over the seven seas!

This Calypso piece with a tinge of Latin Pop to the beat reminds me of Sammie Okposo’s ‘My God e Good o’. Michelle catwalks in, reminiscent of  a clip in Beyonce’s ‘Crazy In Love’ video. She oozes healthy spunk and is completely at home through it all. The scene where she wears a lovely white flowing dress takes me back to a similar scene in Beyonce’s ‘Déjà Vu’ video . And I love the modulation in Michelle’s verse; different and nicer than the traditional way of modulating, which would be towards the end of a song; like the modulation in ‘The Storm is Over Now’ by R. Kelly.

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Beyonce’s rendition of the same verse is calm and controlled, with a rich, beautiful tone. Her dances also seem well rehearsed and put together, giving her a mature, regal appeal.

But I absolutely love Kelly Roland’s bridge! She’s got her RnB on with effortless riffs and runs, adding exceeding relish to the piece! And she delivers her lines with utmost soul! Plus her hair cut is smoking hot, fanning the flame of my love for short hair! She really brings back the Destiny’s Child flavour, which I thoroughly dig!

I love the colourful interlude, with the girls dancing to the beat, along with the crowd. The Destiny’s Child sister love and the array of flags from different countries were also heart warming.

This song is not devoid of depth in lyrics. It talks about the greatness of God’s power and the fact that nobody can say no to Him! So there’s no rushing!

I’ll be chiming  ‘Nooooh, He’s with me’ licks for days!


Written by Ose Binitie

Edited by Ose Binitie and Dupe Oyebolu


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