#EmphaticDynamoSpecial: DJ Gosporella’s Ode to Kefee

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She came, She saw, She conquered
Like an amazon, she rode the seemingly difficult
terrain of gospel music and prospered.

I called her ‘Strong Woman’,
she called me ‘ My Bros’
Irikefe, the Branama Queen…

Many did not know it,
Your love for God was kokoroko
Oh! what a loss.

I want to be strong,

I don’t want to cry

But this pain is too much

I weep for you my sister.
Your life was a glowing example
You truely were a star

I take solace in the knowledge that
You are in the bossom of the Lord
Where there is no sorrow nor pain
There, we will all meet someday.
So long my sister,


Edited by Ose Binitie

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