#ThrowbackThursday: ‘Love is Marching’ by BarlowGirl



This song throws me back to 2009, taking its place on Track 6 of BarlowGirl’s ‘Love and War’ album. It is a song so amazing that when I try to shred it into pieces, the melody takes me away all over again, and I can’t devour it all. It is inexhaustible! This is the first song that I would have no words to fully describe how much I love it. BarlowGirl, though now retired, will always have a place in my heart because of this song.


‘Love is Marching’ has one of the most magnificent intros I have ever heard. The ‘la fa do te’ chords play stoically, giving it a military feel. The lead singer delivers her words with a tone so perfect and magnetic that it is akin to that of the lead singer of Evanescence in the song ‘My Immortal’.

The instrumentation of this song reminds me very much of Francesca Battistelli’s ‘Forever Love’ albeit its major key. Sung in C Sharp Minor, the electric guitar follows after her voice and the drums pickup softly. Tiny bits of harmony linger after her as well. The timbre of violas and a crescendo in the drums highlight the glorious refrain. The drums pick up even more intensity at the chorus after the second verse, giving you the feeling that you have reached the climax of the song, only for them to slow down into the interlude.

Enjoy ‘Deliverer’ by Glowreeyah Braimah here

There, the violins sizzle like hot sausages in a fry pan and the cellos perform scrumptious acrobatics delighting me even more. The bridge however takes the cake of the song. Music reaches its peak right here, leading us into the final chorus that ushers the song to a sweet, dramatic end.

This song is a fine blend of rock and ‘orchestra’, with its apt, distinct harmonies adding even more relish to the piece. I love the way the lead singer slurs the words ‘for’ ‘more’ ‘love’ ‘and so forth, and it thrills me to echo them all! There are no heavy vibratos or jaw breaking riffs and runs, but the softness of her voice and the heaviness of her soul completely take my breath away!


I love the fact that a melody so awesome as this accompanies one of the greatest themes of all time: love. It is very similar to the Beyonce’s theme in ‘I was here’, but Barlow’s is God centered. It explains the fact  that every other thing passes away, but love marches on. It even takes a morbid turn, as it asks ‘And when we’ve breathed our last, can we say we have lived for more? Did we live to die for love?’

Needless to say, this song means so much to me.



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