#Sunday Best: 7 Top Legendary Worship Expressions of All Time!


Worship is an art, no doubt; requiring skill, spirit and practice to perfect, but producing the best feeling ever as well as expressing itself in art forms  so magnificent to behold. Take a look at my top 7 legendary expressions of worship !

1.The ‘Twale’


The ‘Twale’ is a salute to the infinity of God’s wisdom, the skill with which he carved out creation and every other thought provoking act he has ever carried out!  As King David says in Psalm 139, such knowledge too beautiful, too wonderful for me to comprehend! All that is left to do is scream ‘Twale!’ in the National Anthem position! FloROCKA’s rendition of this song does justice to this expression. Every time I listen to it, I do the twale!

2.The’Holy Hands’ Lift


Get swept up in worship as you lift your holy hands to God. This typical pose is in line with the bible, which  records the ‘lifting up of holy hands’. Raise your hands and connect heaven with ease! Your body will be tuned to responding to the awesome presence of God.

3.  The Prostate Fall


Many a time, albeit not so often, you are so captivated by the awesomeness of God, you just lie prostrate fall, without words. Sometimes, words are uttered, but the gesture is expression enough!

4.The Kneel


I know this pose looks like you can contain yourself, but you really cannot! You just kneel in surrender. In the midst of people worshiping or alone, you are sometimes moved to kneel or curl up into a ball. So kneel!

5. The Ocean of Tears


Sometimes when you’re in God’s presence, tears flood your eyes and run down your cheeks, making you feel good, fresh and renewed. I wanted this experience desperately for so long, that when it happened, I almost could not believe it. It was so surreal!

6. The dance


 You dance when you are happy. You dance when you think about who God is; that God, as cool as He dwells in you! So dance!

7. The ‘Yari’ Pose

This is the pose of one who is so confident in herself and in whom God has called her to be, such that she does not care if she looks like a crazy person. She just wants to give God His due! This is no good measure. This is actuality! She feels her passion to this extent, and she shows it!


8. The pensive mode


 This is the pose of a thinker, one who meditates on the word and constantly experiences its fulfilment.  Sometimes God’s presence causes you to think deeply; to ponder. You just think about life, the things He has done, where you would have been if he had not stepped in, and words fail you.

As Amy Sollars said, ‘a man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument’. Give yourself that mind blowing experience. Worship!

Written by Ose Binitie

Edited by: Dupe Oyebolu, Olaoluwa Oni and Niyi Immanuel

Photo Credits: Petra Christian Centre.


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  2. I stay pensive.

  3. calabar princess

    Okay so in my own order.. I will have the prostrate.. the flow of tears… the kneel(which I feel is the oldest form of refreence) the twale. Maybe then the lifting of hands and then the rest..

  4. hmm. nice.

  5. cool!

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